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Aquapro Sensors, USA


Measure Soil Moisture at any depth from the Surface down to 6′ (2m) depth easily, using the Access Tubes.

One Soil Moisture Probe takes multiple Soil Moisture Readings down to any root depth in unlimited locations.

Install PolyPro Access Tubes in the Soil, where you want to measure Soil Moisture. The tubes are left in the ground permanently’

Insert the Probe into Access Tube. The Probe will give continuous Soil Moisture Readings from surface down to bottom of the Tube ( Tubes are 3 ft. and 6 ft. long). Just pause for a second at any particular depth to see what the reading is in percentage Moisture. Works regardless of Soil Type.

AquaPro Sensors can help you make more accurate irrigation decisions. It can tell you when to water, how deep the last irrigation or rain went and it will cut the water bills and saves time money and labour.


Measure from the Surface down to any Root Depth in an unlimited number of locations to get a complete
moisture profile.

Fertilizer – Monitor irrigation depth so you can keep fertilizer in the root length.

Rain – It is easy to see how deep any irrigation or rain has penetrated, and when to start irrigating again

Know Exactly how long each strata in your soil retains moisture. Different soil types and depths will have
different holding capacities and dry out at different rates. If you know exactly how wet/dry your soil is at every level through your Root Zone, you can better determine when and how long to irrigate, and when your plants will never
be stressed.

Data Analysis – Enter the Data to the preformatted spreadsheet in the Graph Pro program and you can keep
continuous historical data- to view, graph and analyze your readings. Compare season to season to week to week.

Readings stored in an SD card for easy transfer to PC for create graph in Excel.


Different packages with 6 or 10 Access tubes are available.
The System is supplied complete with :

  • Portable Moisture Probe 3 ft. or 6 ft. long.
  • Data Logging Moisture Meter or Readout Meter 
  • Software for Excel.
  • Soil Auger for tube installation.
  • Calibration Tube  6 or 10 PolyPro Access Tubes with Caps.