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PSYPRO Automated Soil & Leaf Water Potential System       

The PSYPRO is a low-cost automated eight-channel Microprocessor controlled water potential datalogger. It is designed for both laboratory and field water potential measurements using Wescor’s sample chambers, soil psychrometer sensors, leaf psychrometer sensors. Outputs data in common MPa units.

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Wescor’s in situ soil psychrometers, model PST-55 are buried within the bulk soil to determine the soil water potential. The PST-55 has a stainless steel screen to allow only the water vapor to enter the sensor. A ceramic screen is also available as model PCT-55.

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C-52  Sample Chambers

Wescor’s sample chamber, model C-52, can measure the water potential of solutions, small soil or leaf samples, and leaf discs. The C-52 must be connected to a Wescor water potential instrument such as the PSYPRO for operation.

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LP- 27 Markhart LEAF PRESS

Wescor’s Markhart Leaf Press, model LP-27, is used to extract leaf sap from leaves and then collects the sample directly to a filter paper disc. The disc can then be inserted into a VAPRO or C-52 sample chamber for determination of osmotic potential. The LP-27 reduces errors induced by evaporation of the sample during collection

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